Festival of Crazy 2017 –  Corinaldo in Italy 22th and 25th April 2017

The craziest, funniest and most colourful Spring weekend is returning to Corinaldo on 22th and 25th April 2017.
The Crazy Run, the most amazing and unusual race in Marche, together with many other attractions and a full program suitable for all ages, will entertain you for four entire days.
The event is taking place in the “Piazzale Gioco del Pallone”, where you will find stands providing food and drinks for contestants, visitors and anyone else who wishes to participate.

A great show for everybody, from the youngest to the eldest!

Together with the “Colour Run”, visitors can also enjoy the National Championship of traditional archery, before shopping for typical products and local handicrafts at the Spring Flavours Market. Street performers will entertain visitors as they pass along the “100 step” stairway and through Largo XVII Settembre. Other attractions include a show, educational workshops for children, a Street Band, rock, folk exhibition and a disco. Gastronomic stands serving local food and artisan beers, special tourist deals and a caravan stopping area, will ensure an enjoyable and effortless visit.

We’ll be waiting for you here in Corinaldo. The entrance is free!

For more information please contact:

Tourist Information Office

+39 071 67782